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You have chosen to move to one of the most incredible cities in the world in terms of the people, the culture, food and lifestyle. You will love living in Berlin! But first you must overcome some bureaucratic hurdles, which we can help you with.

In Germany foreign nationals must navigate multiple registration processes when they first move here, which can be very confusing. To avoid problems down the road it is very important that you get these legalities taken care of properly from the very beginning.

We work with small businesses, freelancers, artists, start-ups and more. We help you with everything from business planning, registration and professional networking. We will pave the way for your successful professional start here in Berlin.

Our services


What do you need help with right now? We offer a variety of services, as spelled out below, and if you need anything else, just ask!

Business Development

We provide support with business plan development, business registration, networking and organizational development.

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Freelance Registration

We provide support in freelance tax office registration and other registrations and question around self-employment.

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We provide support for tax registration, local bookkeeping rules and regulations.

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